Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Spoil Yourself!

well its been a few days since i blogged and my aim since last training day is to blog everything i create so here is my creation from this week, this is a card i made for my freind in the birthday club in work, i thought her birthday was this week, well it turns out its not until the end of the month so i am very organised...for a change!!
i love the All Dressed Up bundle for simple quick cards.

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  1. Love your card Emma, I'm usually at the cow's tail sending belated wishes. BTW, you might get more subscribers if you moved your e-mail gadget thingy up nearer your followers, hope you don't mind me saying.Also if you removed the word verification, you may get more comments, as lots of folks hate it with a passion. Comment moderation is best as you get to allow or disallow any comment. Take care.x