Friday, 26 April 2013

Sunshine and Sprinkles and a Rainbow

This is a fab technique and simple too, this is how i done the rainbow effect background -

i placed a piece of white cardstock underneath some clear Acetate, using Stampin Up marker pens i coloured on the Acetate over where the white cardstock is placed underneath (the white cardstock is placed under the Acetate to ensure we cover enough of the Acetate to cover the cardstock) when i was happy with the colours and the covering i removed the cardstock from under the acetate and placed a paper towel underneath, using alcohol in a spray bottle (I have been told nail varnish remover can be used instead) spray the ink quite generously leave it for a minute let the colours blend into each other, then take some Creped filter paper (sold in the Spring/Summer Stampin Up catalogue, page 8 - £2.75), place the filter paper over the inked area and rub lightly to ensure the ink soaks into the crepe paper, then remove and leave to dry (alcohol is used because it dry’s fast) leave to dry for a minute then glue this to the white card stock and trim the area, leave about ½” so this can be turned underneath the back and glued down to give a neater edge.

stamp sets used - Rain or Shine (from Spring/Summer catalogue), Tiny Tags (page 184 Annual Catalogue), En Francis (also from the Annual Catalogue page)
Punch used - Jewellry Tag Punch (from the Annual catalugue, page 129)

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